PolitProsvet has announced a long list

  • 30 Jun 2023

  • Today, June 30, the long list of the special award PolitProsvet became known. It includes 12 books written in Russian about the current socio-political process. The jury, including Ekaterina Shulman, Alexander Gorbachev, Anna Narinskaya, Maxim Trudolyubov and Nikolai Epple, will choose the winner.

    The authors of the books included in the long list tried to comprehend socio-political events and processes in Russian society not only through the catastrophic present, but also from a historical perspective.

    The long list included:

    1. "War of Patriotism" by Vladislav Aksenov;
    2. "The End of the Regime: How Three European Dictatorships Ended" by Alexander Baunov;
    3. "Is It True?" by Ilya Ber. Edited by Georgy Urushadze;
    4. "The Ontological Tragedy of Being" by Yakov Gilinsky;
    5. "AUE: Criminalization of Youth and Moral Panic" by Dmitry Gromov;
    6. "The Price of Utopia: Russian Modernization's History" by Mikhail Davydov;
    7. "The Man Who Was Not Afraid" by Ksenia Novokhatko and Andrei Sakharov;
    8. “The Social Structure of a Provincial Society” by Yuri Plyusnin;
    9. "Russian Autocracy. Power and Its Limits" by Sergei Sergeev;
    10. "I Wish Ashes to My House" by Daria Serenko;
    11. "How to Kill a Dragon? A Guide for Beginning Revolutionaries” by Mikhail Khodorkovsky;
    12. "In the Face of Disaster". Collection of articles edited by Nikolai Plotnikov.

    Shortlists of five books will be chosen by the jury by September 30.