The Enlightener. Translation Prize

  • Walter Isaacson. The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race / Translated from English by Zaur Mamedyarov; Editor Vera Prorokova, Scientific Editor Nariman Battulin. - CORPUS, 2023.
  • Rustam Alexander. Red Closet: The Hidden History of Gay Oppression in the USSR. / Translated from English by Olga Bykova; Editor Oleg Egorov. - Moscow: Individuum, 2023.
  • Peter Godfrey-Smith. Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth of Consciousness / Translated from English by Galina Borodina; Scientific Editor Anna Winkelman, Mikhail Nikitin; Editor Andrei Zakharov. - Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2023.
  • Carlos Lopez-Otin. The Genetics of Happiness, or Life in Four Letters / Translated from Spanish by Evgeniya Chudnova; chief and leading editor Vera Malyshkina. - St. Petersburg: Portal, 2021.
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee. The Gene: An Intimate History / Translated from English by Olga Volkova, Ksenia Saifulina; Editor Olga Volkova. - CORPUS, 2023.
  • Sarah Manning Peskin. A Molecule Away from Madness: Tales of the Hijacked Brain / Translated from English by Anastasia Smirnova; Scientific Editor Olga Ivashkina, Editor Ekaterina Ivankevich. - Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2023.
  • Martha Nussbaum. Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice / Translated from English by Sofya Porfirieva; Scientific Editor Dmitry Turko, series editor Arseny Kumankov. - Moscow: New Literary Review, 2023.
  • Roland Paulsen. What If: The New Age of Anxiety / Translated from Swedish by Elena Teplyashina; Scientific Editor Polina Tsygankova, Editor Alexey Andreev. - Moscow: Livebook, 2023.
  • Herlinde Pauer-Studer, J. David Velleman. Konrad Morgen. The Conscience of a Nazi Judge / Translated from English by Yuri Chizhov; Scientific Editor Dmitry Gurin, Editor Natalia Nartsissova. - Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2023.
  • Serhii Plokhy. Forgotten Bastards of the Eastern Front: American Airmen behind the Soviet Lines and the Collapse of the Grand Alliance / Translated from English and Editor Alexandra Lavrenova. - CORPUS, 2022.
  • Richard Wrangham. The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution / Translated from English by Sofia Dolotovskaya; Editor Ekaterina Vladimirskaya. - CORPUS, 2022.
  • Anil Seth. Being You: A New Science of Consciousness / Translated from English by Maria Desyatova; Scientific Editor Olga Ivashkina, Editor Natalia Nartsissova. - Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2023.
  • Nicholas Stargardt. The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939-1945 / Translated from English by Alexander Kolin; Scientific Editor Anton Zakharov, Editor Anna Zakharova. - Moscow: KoLibri, Azbuka-Atticus, 2023.
  • Paul Steinhardt. The Second Kind of Impossible: The Extraordinary Quest for a New Form of Matter / Translated from English by Alexander Sergeev; Editor Maxim Cherepovsky. - CORPUS, 2022.
  • Joseph Henrich. The Secret of Our Success / Translated from English by Anastasia Brodotskaya, Editor Ekaterina Vladimirskaya, Scientific Editor Alexander Markov. - CORPUS, 2023.
  • Steven Hoffman. The Five Forces That Change Everything: How Technology is Shaping Our Future / Translated from English by Oleg Sivchenko; Editor-in-Chief Vera Malyshkina, Lead Editor Alexandra Setchenko. - St. Petersburg: Portal, 2022.
  • Tom Chivers, David Chivers. How to Read Numbers: A Guide to Statistics in the News (and Knowing When to Trust Them) / Translated from English by Natalia Shakhova; Editor Maria Moskvina and Julia Isakova. - Moscow: Individuum, 2022.
  • Yan Chunyan. Millennium of Imperial Ceramics / Translated from Chinese by Olga Fituni, Dmitry Khudyakov, Victor Stepanenko, Maria Sukhorukova, Anastasia Korshunova; Scientific Editor Vera Belozerova, Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Matveeva, Responsible Editor Delgir Lidzhieva. - Moscow: International Publishing Company Shans LLC, 2022
  • Robin George Andrews. Super Volcanoes: What They Reveal about Earth and the Worlds Beyond / Translated from English by Valentin Frolov; Responsible Editor Anna Zakharova, Editor Oleg Bocharnikov. - Moscow: CoLibri, Azbuka-Atticus, 2023.
  • David Anthony. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World / Translated from English by Andrei Fomenko; Scientific Editor Anton Ryabov, Literary Editor Konstantin Zalessky. - Moscow: Higher School of Economics Publishing House, 2023.

The PolitProsvet Special Award

  • Vladislav Aksenov. War of Patriotisms: Propaganda and Public Sentiment in Russia during the Collapse of the Empire. - Moscow: New Literary Review, 2023.
  • Alexander Baunov. The End of the Regime: How Three European Dictatorships Ended. - Moscow: Alpina Publishers, 2023.
  • Ilya Ber et al. Is It True. / Compiled by Georgy Urushadze. - Freedom Letters, 2023.
  • Yakov Gilinsky. Ontological Tragedy of Being. A Collection of Articles. - St. Petersburg: Aleteya, 2023.
  • Dmitry Gromov. AUE: The Criminalization of Youth and Moral Panic. - Moscow: New Literary Review, 2022.
  • Mikhail Davydov. The Price of Utopia: A History of Russian Modernization. - Moscow: New Literary Review, 2022.
  • Ksenia Novokhatko. Andrei Sakharov. A Fearless Person. - Moscow: Samokat, 2022.
  • Yuri Plyusnin. Social Structure of Provincial Society. - Moscow: Common Place; Khamovniki Social Research Foundation, 2022.
  • Sergey Sergeyev. Russian Autocracy. Power and its Boundaries: 1462-1917. - Moscow: Yauza-catalogue, 2023.
  • Daria Serenko. I Wish Ashes to My Home. - Tel Aviv: Babel, 2023 (forthcoming).
  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky. How to Kill a Dragon? A Guide for Young Revolutionaries. Moscow - Chita - Krasnokamensk - London - Moscow, 2003-2023.
  • Facing Catastrophe. A collection of articles edited and introduced by Nikolai Plotnikov. - Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2023.