A new season of the Prosvetitel Award: The call for applications is open up to 15 May

  • 15 Mar 2023

  • The XVI season of the Dmitry Zimin awards Prosvetitel and Prosvetitel.Perevod starts today, 15 March. Until 15 May, the Organizing Committee accepts applications for books published in Russian: both original and translated. In addition, as part of the Prosvetitel Award, the jury for the second time will present a special award PolitProsvet — for a book devoted to the current social and political process and helping to understand its nature.

    «A year after the war began, I still believe that the work of publishers, scholars, and journalists who write in Russian is thing that not only needs but deserves support. Open access to information (and we are talking not only about the media, but also about books, that have also become a subject to censorship in Russia) is the foundation of a free, democratic society. Maybe we are far from building it today, but Zimin Foundation will not stop supporting those who bring that possibility closer,»Boris Zimin, head of the Zimin Foundation, commented on the start of the season

    Books can be nominated for the prize regardless of the country of its author or publication: the Organizing Committee is waiting for applications from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Germany and other countries where books in Russian are published. The nomination is also open for books in e-format only.

    To apply for the award, please fill out the online application form by 15 May. This year the Organizing Committee will not accept paper copies, only PDFs. According to the updated regulations, only those applicants whose books make the long list will need to send the paper versions to the address of the Prize.

    The criteria for this season’s award and applicants can be found on the Prosvetitel website (available in Russian).

    The long lists of the awards will be published by 30 June 30 and the finalists - by 30 September. The updated jury for the Dmitri Zimin awards and details about the awarding will be announced additionally.