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The long-list of the Enlightener Prize 2018 has been announced

The long-list of the Enlightener Prize has been published. This year, 24 books made it into the list and each of them has a chance to be the best popular science book of the new season. The organizing committee of the Prize, chaired by Alexander Arkhangelsky (writer, journalist, professor at HSE) and Alexander Gavrilov (literary critic, kulturträger, TV presenter, head of the Book Institute), selected the following long-listed books:
1. Vladimir Alpatov, Linguistics: From Aristotle to Computational Linguistics, Moscow: Alpina non-fiction, 2018
2. Olga Arnold, Humans and Animals: Myths and Reality, Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2018;
3. Olga Astapova, Origins of Sacralisation of Power. Sacred Power in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, Moscow: RIPOL Classic, 2017;
4. Sofia Bagdasarova, Sickening Art. Humor and Horror of Painting Masterpieces, Moscow: Eksmo, 2018
5. Katerina Belenkina, Ilya Veniavkin, Anna Nemzer, Tatiana Trofimova, Museum of the 90’s. Territory of Freedom, Moscow: NLO, 2016;
6. Denis Gorelov, Homeland of Little Elephants, Moscow: Fluid FreeFly, 2018;
7. Leonid Gokhberg (editor-in-chief), Atlas of Future Technologies, Moscow: Tochka Publishing Group, Alpina Publisher, 2017;
8. Stanislav Drobyshevsky, Tales from Caves: 50 Stories about How the Ancient People Lived, Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2018;
9. Evgenii Zharinov, Lectures on Foreign Literature. From Homer to Dante, Moscow: AST, 2018;
10. Andrey Zhuravlev, Creation of Earth. How Living Organisms Created Our World, Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2018;
11. Sergei Zotov, Mikhail Maizuls, Dilshat Kharman, Suffering in the Middle Ages, Moscow: AST, 2018;
12. Vladislav Inozemtsev, An Old-Fashioned Country. Russia in the 21st Century World, Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2018;
13. Borislav Kozlovsky, Top Repost: How the Social Media Make Us Believe Fake News, Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2018;
14. Boris Kolonitsky, #1917. Seventeen Reflections on the History of the Russian Revolution, Saint Petersburg: European University at Saint Petersburg Press, 2018;
15. Arkady Kuramshin, Life of Remarkable Devices, Moscow: AST, 2018;
16. Ivan Kurilla, Frenemies. History of Opinions, Fantasies, Liasons, Mutual (Mis-) Understandings Between Russia and the USA, Moscow: NLO, 2018;
17. Alexander Panchin, Defence Against the Dark Arts. Guide to the World of the Paranormal; Moscow: Corpus, 2018;
18. Serge Parnovsky, How the Universe Works. Introduction to Modern Cosmology, Moscow: Alpine Non-Fiction, 2018;
19. Irina Pozdnyakova, Amateur Astronomy: People Who Discovered the Sky, Moscow: AST, 2018;
20. Alexei Savvateev, Mathematics for Humanists. Live Lectures, Moscow: Dmitry Pozharsky University;
21. Amiran Urushadze, Caucasian War. Seven Stories, Moscow: NLO, 2018;
22. Dmitry Shvidkovsky, From Megalith to Megalopolis: Reflections on the History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Moscow: Kuchkovo Pole; ABC design, 2018;
23. Irina Yakutenko, Will and Self-Control. How Our Genes and Brain Keep Us from Fighting Temptations, Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2018;
24. Sergey Yastrebov, From Atoms to a Tree. Introduction to the Modern Life Science, Moscow: Alpina Non-Fiction, 2018.

In addition, the organizing committee prepared a video with a short description of each long-listed book. You can watch the video on the official website of the Prize or click on the following link:
In the beginning of October the organizing committee is going to announce short-list of the Enlightener Prize. The books will be selected by the jury members of this season:

Alexei Semikhatov — chairman of the jury, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Lebedev Physical institute;
Evgeny Bunimovich — mathematician, poet, honoured teacher of the Russian Federation, Children's Rights Commissioner in Moscow;
Alexander Markov — Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Senior Research Professor of the Paleontological Institute, RAS, head of the Biological Evolution department, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
Roman Leybov — Doctor of Philological Sciences (University of Tartu), Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Literature, University of Tartu (Estonia), curator of project";
Daria Varlamova — journalist, laureate of the Enlightener Prize 2017 in the Natural and Exact Sciences category, co-author of the book To Go Crazy. Guide to Mental Disorders for a Big City Dweller;
Alexander Piperski — Candidate of Philological Sciences, assistant professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities, laureate of the Enlightener Prize 2017 in the Humanities category, author of the book Creating Languages. From Esperanto to Dothraki;
Irina Scherbakova — Candidate of Philological Sciences, head of youth and educational programmes at the international civil rights society Memorial, laureate of the Enlightener Prize 2017 in the Humanities category, co-author of the book The Sign Cannot Be Erased. Fates of the Ostarbeiters in Letters, Memoirs and Oral Histories;

In accordance with the rules of the award, each finalist shall receive a 100 000 rubles prize and each laurate a 700 000 rubles prize.
In accordance with the library programme of the award, this year 8 short-listed books and the book by A.V. Suvorov When Universes Meet, or Deaf-Blind Visitors in the World of Those Who Can Hear and See (Moscow: Eksmo, 2018) will be distributed to 35 libraries across Russia. The libraries will be selected on the basis of competition.