The finalists of the twelfth season of the Enlightener and the Enlightener.Digital awards were announced on October 9, 2019, on the premises of Art Space in Moscow. Two teams of judges shortlisted over the year nominees of 25 books and 30 digital projects.

"This year seemed to me diverse in genres. We're expanding, for sure. We get less "traditional" factual literature and we discover books that open - at least for me - areas that facilitate to popularize science and to educate. By the way, there are some good books,
" the chairman of the jury, Alexei Semikhatov, said about the award.

8 books in total, 4 books in each category became the winners of the book award.

The jury nominated these projects in Natural and exact sciences category:
1. DNA and its human. A brief history of DNA identification by Kleshenko E. - M.: Alpina non-fiction, 2019.
2. Astronomy. General lectures by Surdin V. - M.: MTSNMO Publishing House, 2019.
3. 0.05. Evidence Based Medicine. From the magic to the search of immortality by Talantov P. - M: AST: Corpus, 2019.
4. 100 stories from the history of medicine. The greatest discoveries, achievements and crimes in the name of your health by Shifrin M. M.: Alpina Publisher, 2019.

"One day we decided to set apart two categories in nominations because we thought that at the certain period the science books were stronger than the humanitarian ones – and an imbalance occured. The next time, just the opposite story had happened: I noticed with a sad heart that the science books are sinking among the vibrant humanitarian works. Now we have a balance: we have strong works in both fields," a short list was commented by Evgeny Bunimovich.

Award finalists in Humanitarian Sciences category:

1. The Power and the axe. Tsarist power, political investigation and Russian society in the 18th century by Anisimov E. M.: NLO, 2019.
2. 30 minutes of music. How to understand and love the classics by Kandaurova L. M.: Alpina Publisher, 2019.
3. Biography: Venedikt Erofeev. The Outsider by Lekmanov O., Sverdlov M., Simanovsky I. - M.: AST: edited by Elena Shubina, 2019.
4. Alchemy of Soviet industrialization. The Torgsin Time by Osokina E. M.: NLO, 2019.

Furthermore, this year the special jury shortlisted Sound, Text and Video categories for the award Enlightener.Digital.

Award finalists:
Category: Sound
1. Podcast Art for Kiddoes
2. Podcast Ostarbeiters
3. Podcast Shelf, New Sensitivity
4. Arzamas Children's Room (Arzamas) Project
5. Russian Detroit Project

Category: Text
1. System Block Publication
2. Bookish Fox Channel
3. The Batrachospermum Magazine Project
4. The Short Course on Liteconomy (N+1) Project
5. It's Right Here Project

Category: Video
1. LOONY Channel, History of Medicine Playlist
2. Redroom Channel, Limb Playlist
3. QWERTY Channel, Comments of the Astronomer Playlist
4. Arthur Sharifov's Channel, Basic Videos Playlist
5. A Brief History of Everything (Postscience) Project

The jury decided to award two more special prizes.
The Neformat prize was awarded to Yuri Slezkin's book House of the Government. A saga about the Russian Revolution (AST: Corpus, 2019). Besides it, the jury decided to award the Project Parfenon by Leonid Parfenov with a special prize "Сontribution to digital culture".

"The jury does not face every year the fact that in a long list there is a must-read book, however the question if it is related to the popular science literature remains open. - Alexander Arkhangelsky, the Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee commented the award of special prizes. - "In terms of the case with the book by Yuri Slezkin, the jury stated that we met an impressive art study, which was entitled to be an intellectual bestseller- and was awarded in the special category Neformat."

"Many years ago, just in the beginning , we met a person who did not fit into any frameworks: neither in natural science, nor in art science. Sergey Kapitsa created a whole area on TV, which was called The Obvious and The Incredible. We could not identify it, and that is why we thought up a special name the Enlightener by the Grace of God. Throughout the twelve-year history we met one more person who was awarded the same title - Yasin Yevgeny Grigoryevich. And now there is the third Enlightener by the Grace of God - Leonid Parfenov, "- Dmitri Zimin, the founder of the Enlightener award commented the special prize.

The award ceremony will be held on 21 November.

The jury of the Enlightener.Digital award was headed by Anna Kachkayeva, Director at the HSE University Center for Digital Cultures and Media Literacy, Professor at the HSE University Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, journalist. Members of the jury: Anton Skulachev, philologist, chairperson of the Guild of Philologists, teacher of literature at Gymnasium No 1514 and Karen Shainyan, co-founder of the Future History studio, journalist, co-author of the projects „1968.Digital“, „Project '1917 – Free History“.

Jury members in the new season are:
Alexei Semikhatov — chairman of the jury, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the Lebedev Physical institute;
Evgeny Bunimovich — mathematician, poet, honoured teacher of the Russian Federation, Children's Rights Commissioner in Moscow;
Boris Zimin – businessman, head of the Zimin Foundation board;
Dmitry Zimin – philanthropist, founder of the Enlightener Prize;
Alexander Markov — Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Senior Research Professor of the Paleontological Institute, RAS, head of the Biological Evolution Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
Maria Falikman – Doctor of Psychology, Head of Psychology Department at HSE;
Dilshat Harman – PhD in Art History, associate professor, member of the Association of art critics, researcher at SOVA Center for Information and Analysis, Enlightener 2018 laureate in the Humanities category, co-author of the book Suffering in the Middle Ages;
Sergey Yastrebov – science journalist, biologist, Enlightener 2018 laureate in the Natural and Exact Sciences category, author of the book From Atoms to a Tree. Introduction to the Modern Life Science.

In 2019 the applicants may submit non-fiction books on any topic originally written in Russian which are currently on sale (not second-hand), regardless of the publication date. Manuscripts that are in the process of publishing at the markup stage may be submitted by publishing houses. Scientific monographs, school and university textbooks and manuals, journals, biographies and memoirs will not be accepted into the competition.

Enlightener.Digital category allows submissions of educational online projects in Russian language published on various types of platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, iTunes Podcasts, Telegram Medium, IGTV, Facebook Watch, VK, and the like) based on free content distribution.

Laureates of both book categories as well as Enlightener.Digital will be announced at the awards ceremony, and they will receive a 700 000 ruble prize. Each short-listed author will receive a 100 000 ruble prize.
The jury will also award special nominations in the Enlightener.Digital category aside from the main prize. Best projects in Text, Video and Sound category will receive 100 000 ruble each.


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